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Getting familiar with fish accounts on Telegram | Understanding the dos and don'ts of fish Telegram accounts


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The essence of these accounts, where they come from, and how they operate: For quite some time, a significant portion of accounts used in Telegram spam and invite activities were auto-generated accounts. However, SMS services eventually became overly confident, causing prices to skyrocket. This trend emerged as people predominantly shifted to using Telegram, while platforms like VK and others became less relevant. Consequently, our favored SMS providers began to capitalize on this demand surge, inflating activation costs and squeezing the last bit of profit from the Telegram market.

As you may have guessed, fish accounts are obtained from real users, unlike auto-generated ones, which are akin to communal apartments, each with its own pros and cons. But don't be quick to get disappointed; sometimes the advantages are not so obvious (for example, real users may help mitigate spam blocks :devilish:).

Nevertheless, it's time to get to the heart of the matter. Let's dive into the pros and cons with explanations:

Cons -

  1. They can be logged out at any moment. Well, living in a communal apartment comes with similar uncertainties as with auto-generated accounts and ban waves; it's just for different reasons. An upcoming article will describe ways to minimize such incidents when purchasing.

  2. Supply levels fluctuate, affecting prices. Today, accounts may be offered at $0.10 each, tomorrow at $0.25, and the day after at $0.13. It all depends on the farms that supply the market with fresh "fish."

  3. I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST BUYING FISH FROM YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Legally, you might be fine, but it's a matter of conscience first and foremost. It's also a personal recommendation.

  4. Not all activities are permissible. Engaging in chat cloning or mass boosting without removing other sessions may result in detection of abnormal activity in the profile and subsequent account shutdown.

Here are the pros (straight from the heart, no less):

  1. Absolutely wild limits: I'm ready to discredit all software claiming to "warm up" accounts. None of them managed to provide accounts that exceeded typical limits like 45-50 messages/invites after such warming up. Fish accounts, on the other hand, seem oblivious to limits. Just a few screenshots of fish in action: the record was 212 invites in one cycle from a single account. I thought the software was glitching!

  2. Incredibly resilient: During aggressive invite campaigns with most of my school, out of 200 accounts, only 36 perished. For auto-generated accounts, this would be a stroke of luck, but for fish, it's the norm.

  3. Price: I mentioned it earlier, but it's worth noting again.

  4. Rarely get spam-blocked or self-removal: For instance, accounts invited aggressively for two days straight barely saw a spam block on the third day—half the time, they happily turned green. Those living in the communal space also help lift spam blocks for you.

  5. Compatible with any proxy: They devour any proxy—whether Tor, static IPs from Proxy6, or others, it's all the same to them.

  6. Available for purchase 24/7: More on this later.

  7. Often feature aged chats and channels: This alone brings joy, sometimes paying off right from this stage.

  8. Extensive longevity for peanuts: Most accounts I encounter range from a few weeks to four years old, all for a fraction of the cost.



  • Send broadcasts and invites, but with 2 particularities: parsing, just like with invitations, and leave the group after taking action. Everything else is also permissible. The main thing is to read the list of what you can't do very carefully.


  • Don't change avatars, bios, names, logins, and so on. Your communal buddy might not be happy and could shut you down.
  • Mass subscriptions/unsubscriptions are highly discouraged. It's easy to get caught (therefore, broadcasting in groups is not an option).
  • The chat cloner module isn't available immediately. Both of the previous points are violated if you don't close sessions for other users, you'll be caught red-handed.
  • Checking accounts using spam block verification. Often this gets burned out and the session is turned off.
  • I highly advise against using autoresponders. It clears up in an instant and we lose the accounts.

A brief explanation, our main task is not to be exposed by our presence on the account. Therefore, we need to get our work done quickly and without leaving any traces. And you'll be able to use accounts for months on end without any problems.

In my opinion, such accounts are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to account shops with insane prices and SMS services where the price is chosen by trial and error.

We'll talk about buying accounts and their conversion in the next article, as the topic is very extensive.

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