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Tips on inviting others to Telegram + personal experience

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Let's start with a brief introduction. This article draws from the experiences of many and is seasoned with the personal tribulations of the author. If you have your own tips or ideas, feel free to share them in the comments. So, let's dive in... 🤓

Firstly, let's cover some general security tips:

  1. Is it safe to have multiple chats on one creator account? Absolutely not. However, for completeness and to fill out the article, I must mention this point and explain why. Telegram's ban algorithms are among the most unique (cough) in the messaging and social media landscape. While on platforms like VK you might recover your groups after a ban, with Telegram, it's a different story—they usually wipe out everything in one fell swoop, chats, channels, and the creator account. Therefore, I strongly recommend keeping a maximum of one group per creator account. It's about risk diversification, you know.

  2. Personal advice from me, as a creator: It's best to use a clean dummy account—meaning a separate account with 2FA enabled and no prior conversations. Ideally, this account should be on a different device, but that's just my personal quirk, you can take it or leave it. This approach minimizes potential issues like sudden spam blocks and reduces overall attention on that account.

That should cover the basics of security. It won't be new for experienced users, but hopefully helpful for newcomers. Moving on to tips on inviting + a link to settings for Invite/PM/Group Broadcast:

Let's proceed with tips and personal observations:

  1. Boost bots before starting invites: Yes, as absurd as it sounds, boosting your audience with bots before pouring in traffic significantly increases the survival rate of your dummies. You can boost even with Arab accounts—the cheapest resource—but I wouldn't recommend exceeding 10k bots per day to avoid Telegram filters and disappearing from search results. (For the timid ones, yes, you may not disappear, but this article is about extreme safety limits and advice, so let's move on without dwelling on it too much 😉). I'll add a bit: I've always boosted at a 1:1 ratio, roughly the same number as I plan to invite. Some suggest boosting at a 10:1 ratio, but that's up to personal experience.

  2. Use matured chats: Many are familiar with this point. In my opinion, I haven't noticed a difference when inviting to chats that are 3+ months old. Whether it's been 3 months or 3 years, the limitations and the invite itself were roughly the same, considering the audience and other precautions. A small clarification: chats with hidden histories (often sold this way) are just as valuable as those with openly visible creation histories, so there's no need to be afraid here.

  3. The most controversial from personal experience: It's better to invite to chats that have a history of interaction. (Yes, you can use empty ones or many things, but my experience shows that such chats thrive the best.) You can use chat cloners for filling them up or just sit and chat with friends. Dummy chats with only one post don't last long because they immediately raise suspicions on Telegram, usually because they prohibit writing, which essentially makes them under-channels.

Next, there will be a series of controversial moments, which, in any case, the author either did not repeat or did not repeat sufficiently to unequivocally predict the results and reliability.

  1. Invite active users mixed with accounts that have been inactive for a long time: Many have done so, although customers, of course, did not like this method very much. But on the whole, those with whom I communicated confirmed that such an invite increases both the survival of accounts and the chat to which the invite was sent.

  2. Invite per one user from the account: In general, yes, the method has the right to exist. But, on the other hand, it is often offensive to lose 10% of the accounts that did only 1-2 invites, so I would say that this is a method for those who know what they are doing and have time to play with personal experience.

The article turned out to be short. I'll add more in the future, but the main points I remembered when explaining to people have been covered

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