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KILLSHILL - Marketing and Shilling Software for Telegram with AI. Available for #SHILL holders only


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Hey there! Check out the private, multi-functional software from the KILLSHILL team designed to boost your presence on Telegram.

This software literally does everything a regular person can do, but on a massive scale—think thousands of times more! With 18 modules running multiple threads, it's perfect for rapidly growing your communities.

When you get the software, you also get access to a closed community of shillers who successfully leverage it across Crypto, Online Fanbase, Network Marketing, Investments, and many more areas.

Access isn't for sale; it's exclusively for #SHILL token holders. To get in, simply hold a minimum of 0.77 SOL. Once confirmed, you'll receive the download link, tutorial videos, and access to a private chat with developers and fellow project shillers! Every participant is valuable to us because together, we'll shill everything online!

We take membership applications via DMs.


Shillers Community, a hub for shillers in social networks.

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The user regularly conducts transactions through the service guarantor and has positive trading statistics on the site. Most likely he can be trusted and work directly. With the rules of work through the guarantor you can familiarize yourself here. CLICK
The user has not conducted a single transaction through the guarantor. You can read about the rules of working through a guarantor here. CLICK
The user has made a security deposit on the forum. He is a verified seller and guaranteed to conduct all transactions through the guarantee service. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
The user has no security deposit on the forum, when working with him do not send prepayments and always involve the guarantor in transactions. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
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The user status "VERIFIED" indicates that the seller has been verified by the Forum Administration. You can read more about how to pass the verification here. CLICK.

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