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TelegramFactory - Combiner with ChatGPT4 neuro-automation invite, mass dm, commenting, Chatting, sending stickers and much more! Subscription $199 per month. Technical support and group chat

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TelegramFactory is a powerful multifunctional combiner designed to enhance your presence and engagement on Telegram. It integrates a suite of advanced tools tailored for effective account management, audience targeting, and interaction automation. Here’s what ShillTelegram offers:

Introduce yourself on Telegram, and let hundreds and thousands of virtual employees spread the word about you. They'll connect with your target audience, capture attention, forward relevant messages, organize discussions, and drive traffic to your offers.

  • Audience Gathering: Exclusively target your audience with our group parsing tools, collecting lists of potential clients for you.

  • Always Connected: Automate conversations in hundreds of private chats, actively engaging with your audience.

  • Communication via AI: Engage in meaningful dialogues with our embedded ChatGPT commentator.

  • Engaging with Your Audience: Bots reach thousands of groups and communities daily, attracting new clients without spam.

  • Scale Up: Our virtual employees work round the clock, tirelessly promoting your business.

It's more cost-effective than targeted advertising. Bots operate by keywords, target community selection, or utilizing our pre-gathered audience lists to ensure you reach only potential customers.

Software Capabilities:

  • Multithreading: Launch hundreds of accounts simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

  • Proxy Support: Ensure anonymity and security for all your accounts.

  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence GPT: Automate and optimize processes seamlessly without needing ChatGPT keys—our keys are at your service.


TelegramFactory modules

1. Account Manager

Add hundreds and thousands of accounts in just a few clicks! The program works with TDATA format accounts, which increases their trust and lifespan compared to session+json format used by other similar programs.

2. Chat and Channel Finder

Discover numerous groups and channels perfectly matching your audience. The search mechanism ensures high efficiency, assisting you in finding and joining communities that best fit your goals. Parsing by keywords in titles and message texts.

3. User Parser

Collect user information even when they are inaccessible. Automated methods bypass restrictions effectively, ensuring high data collection performance, granting you access to crucial information for your promotion plan.

4. Chat Inviter

Massively add users to your chats to increase activity and engagement, expanding your community and creating a more active audience.

5. Discussion Broadcaster

Mass send messages to participate in discussions on channels. Actively engage in conversations and attract attention to your account.

6. Chat Broadcaster

Easily and quickly send your messages to various chats, maintaining contact with your audience.

7. Comment Quoter in Discussions

Draw attention to your comments on channels by responding to user comments. This module helps you establish active interaction with your audience and increase engagement.

8. Comment Quoter in Chats

Actively participate in discussions in chats by responding to user comments. Attention around your account and establishing contact with your audience—all facilitated by this module.

9. Message Liker in Chats

Draw attention to your account by liking messages based on keywords. This module helps you react to user chat messages and attract attention.

10. Story Views and Likes

Leave views and reactions on user stories, actively interacting with your audience and drawing attention to your profile.

11. Personal Message Broadcasting

Powerful system for mass sending DMs.

12. Auto Responder and Forwarder

Automate dialogues in hundreds of private chats, actively engaging with your audience. After broadcasting, efficiently communicate with your target audience and maintain interest in your offer. The module forwards messages written to your bots to a unified chat, where you or your managers can converse simultaneously through all bots with your customers.

13. Neurocommenting

Actively participate in discussions on hundreds of channels, drawing attention to your account or offer. The module edits previously left comments at specified times on comments you designate. This is one of the safest strategies for account operation. It writes relevant comments using CharGPT based on the post's topic, attracting users to your profile where information about your offer and a link are posted.

14. Tagger

Mention users in chats to draw attention to your messages.

And several other useful modules included in the price $199



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