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  1. I've had my own experience with launching, but my NFT collection never quite captured the audience's hearts. It was a costly lesson that investments don't always yield returns
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  3. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! We provide a service that not only offers higher commission rates compared to others but also does so at a more affordable price. Here's our pricing structure: $1 per subscription for 1-15 subscribers. $0.7 per subscription for 16-25 subscribers. $0.65 per subscription for 26-50 subscribers. $0.60 per subscription for over 50 subscribers. We also have a drip feed option available. For those interested in purchasing in larger quantities, please contact us directly for the chance to receive further discounts.
  4. To be safe, you have to set up your own jabber server.
  5. Send me the price in a private message, I'm interested
  6. @BOTNET Hey Amigo, could you advise which botnet would be best for click fraud? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  7. I've heard about the program too, so I'm interested as well. If anyone has a good manual for it, I'd be grateful and willing to pay for it
  8. Money isn't necessarily the key, it's about the desire and understanding. If you know what you're doing in life and don't act dumb, then you can disappear easily
  9. My regards to you. You delight with your articles. I learn a lot of valuable information from you
  10. I would be willing to learn if the cost is reasonable, but if it's free, then I'm all for it with both hands raised
The user regularly conducts transactions through the service guarantor and has positive trading statistics on the site. Most likely he can be trusted and work directly. With the rules of work through the guarantor you can familiarize yourself here. CLICK
The user has not conducted a single transaction through the guarantor. You can read about the rules of working through a guarantor here. CLICK
The user has made a security deposit on the forum. He is a verified seller and guaranteed to conduct all transactions through the guarantee service. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
The user has no security deposit on the forum, when working with him do not send prepayments and always involve the guarantor in transactions. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
The user's status is "UNVERIFIED" indicating that he has not verified his account on the Darknet. You can pass verification by providing positive reviews and recommendations about yourself. You can read more about how to check patency. CLICK.
The user status "VERIFIED" indicates that the seller has been verified by the Forum Administration. You can read more about how to pass the verification here. CLICK.

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