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  1. Hey! Can't wait to join the Cyberdark NFT community!
  2. Note: This guide is created solely for educational purposes to help you understand possible fraudulent schemes. I do not endorse or recommend using such methods. Be cautious and ethical in the world of cryptocurrencies. In this article, we'll dive into a well-known and currently trending crypto scam. The hook involves a programmer who created a bot using ChatGPT and programmed a smart contract to double the amount of funds sent from an account. In another scenario, the victim's entire wallet is drained Where scammers advertise: Scam team buy official YouTube ads with a link to a video on setting up an earnings system and creating a smart contact on etherium Scam video itself let's summarize 1, Creating an enticing idea: Start by developing a project idea that can attract people. For example, offer to double the amount of funds sent to a specific account. 2, Writing the smart contract: Program the smart contract to meet your desired conditions: doubling funds or completely debiting funds from the victim's account. 3. Creating a bot for automation: Create a chat bot that will manage the smart contract and interact with users. 4, Purchasing advertising: Purchase advertising on YouTube to promote your video about setting up an earnings system and creating a smart contract on Ethereum. Buy hacked channels on YouTube and upload your video on them. Advertise your project on Twitter and Facebook. 5. Promotion: Use hacked channels or advertising on social media to draw attention to your project. Provide a step-by-step guide on setting up and using your project. 6. Monitoring and control: Ensure that your operations remain hidden and untraceable. Try to stay anonymous and avoid excessive attention. 7. Waiting for profits: Watch your funds grow as your victims continue to transfer money.
  3. Investing in marketing isn't a guaranteed recipe for success... In this game, the key is having a killer idea for the token ?
  4. It was so easy because you already had a channel and a cool idea! When I first came to the forum and saw the channel, I immediately understood how to monetize it! And then I had the idea to create a training! The amount that came out of you is a VERY good indicator! I had less at the start of my projects! I know what further steps to take to optimize the business! First of all, you need to create a telegram bot for auto-sales, and secondly, you need to start YouTube scrims on trading! I have all this also worked out, I think we will increase our partnership. Glad it all worked out!
  5. The project work is completed! Traffic and sales are picking up! What I did: 1. Finalized the description and tags for the video 2. Finalized telegram channel 3. Created VIP chat which we will sell 4. Set up advertising on YouTube 5. Set up advertising on Telegram 6. Started the project What results did you achieve? 1. I promoted a group on Telegram from scratch to 1500 subscribers 2. Promoted advertising youtube shorts, they have significantly more views than the rest of the videos 3. In the telegram began to buy access to the VIP group. I ask the admin report sales, should throw in the near future.
  6. @DARK HUSTLER good job! You can deal with it, but there will be some improvements before the launch! need to tweak the title and links + make a competent description. After you make corrections, I will be able to run advertising on your channels, and there will be requests to buy VIP access. I need 2 days to prepare for the ad buy, you need to pay the test $300 for the ad office! After the work done, I will throw here a detailed report!
  7. Ah, the skill of deception!? While the numbers may seem staggering to some, they are a testament to the ingenuity of our craft. With each successful phishing scheme, we refine our techniques, exploiting the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting victims. Particularly exciting is the growth in the number of "approval phishing" techniques - an ingenious move ?
  8. @DARK HUSTLER The first thing to start with is to make some shorts videos to my specifications, I need 5-6 videos that I will set up traffic to! The second thing to do is to create a channel in telegram with signals. On this channel I will also let traffic and from it will be sales to the closed VIP group! Your YouTube channel has great potential, people react well to the masked image, so there is almost 100% probability of success! Translated with DeepL.com (free version) I'll text you all the instructions in the dm
  9. @DARKMM Thank you! I'm really impressed with your forum, especially with the absence of inexperienced individuals and scammers. I have a business proposal for you. After seeing your YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@DarkHustling and Telegram, I believe there's potential for applying my methodology. I can offer you to run a VIP club with signals and scalping training through your channel! I can help grow your channel and make it profitable. In return, I'd like to hear your feedback on my services. Shall we work together?
  10. Experience and Expertise: I, Mentor, have extensive experience in launching and managing successful crypto projects. I have been actively involved in the crypto space for over a decade, during which I have successfully launched numerous projects including copytrading platforms, investment schemes, and crypto influencer programs. Proof: Attached are testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from my mentorship and expertise in the crypto industry. Additionally, you can verify my credentials and track record by conducting a background check through reputable industry sources and platforms. Proven Strategy: The claim of generating a 6x return on investment (ROI) by investing $5,000 in traffic and achieving $30,000 in revenue is based on a well-tested and refined strategy that I have developed over the years. This strategy leverages targeted marketing, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive audience engagement techniques to maximize profitability. Proof: Detailed case studies and financial reports showcasing the ROI achieved by previous clients who have implemented my strategy will be provided upon request. Additionally, you can speak directly with past clients who can attest to the effectiveness of the approach. Comprehensive Mentoring Program: The mentoring program offered includes personalized guidance and support at every stage of the project launch process. From developing a launch strategy to setting up sales funnels and acquiring reliable traffic sources, I am committed to ensuring the success of my clients' ventures. Should you require further information or have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out.
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