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Automated Escrow Service

Executing secure buying and selling transactions below 3%
Escrow service rules
Official Escrow Service - Reliable protection against dishonest sellers and buyers!

Terms of Service for CryptoHustle Automated Guarantor

Transaction Execution Regulations

1.1 The CryptoHustle Guarantor Service functions as a trusted intermediary between Participants engaged in the buying and selling of goods and services.

1.2 Upon agreement of transaction terms between the seller and the buyer, one party creates the transaction within the "Autoguarantee" application and specifies the previously agreed conditions.

1.3 Upon transaction creation, the second party, along with the guarantor, receives a notification on the forum regarding the initiation of a new transaction. The buyer receives the details to transfer funds to the Guarantor's account.

1.4 The Guarantor acknowledges the receipt of funds into the accounts and notifies both parties accordingly.

1.5 The seller fulfills obligations to the buyer, informing other parties involved.

1.6 The buyer inspects the quality and stated characteristics, then notifies both parties of the results.

1.7 If the Buyer has no justified claims to the product/service, the Guarantor transfers the Money (transaction amount) to the Seller's account.

Guarantor Service Fees

2.1 Payment for Dark Guarantor services is 3% of the transaction amount, but not less than 100 USD.

2.2 Payment for Dark Guarantor services is made by the Buyer. Payment for Guarantor services by the Seller is possible by "understating" the cost of the goods or services.

2.3 Payment for Autoguarantee services is made during the transaction process according to the Transaction Regulations.

2.4 If the buyer cancels the transaction and the amount has already been transferred to the Guarantor, the money is returned in full, minus the cost of CryptoHustle Guarantor services.

Advantages for Buyers

3.1 Money refund if the seller fails to fulfill obligations

3.2 The ability to change terms and conditions during the process (with the seller's consent)

3.3 Ability to reserve funds using convenient methods

Advantages for Sellers

3.5 Guaranteed payment for work done according to the task

3.6 Increase in rating after successful transaction through the guarantor service

3.7 Ability to change transaction terms only with the buyer's consent

Rights and Duties of the Guarantor

4.1 The Guarantor must comply with the Transaction Regulations and ensure compliance with the Regulations by the transaction participants.

4.2 The Guarantor reserves the right to refuse services without explanation.

4.3 Withdrawal of funds from the Guarantor is subject to a 3% commission.
27377735 $
Total amount of transactions
375000 $
Maximum deal

User reviews


   1511 of 1,606 members found this review helpful 1511 / 1,606 members

Hey everyone. So, my experience with an escrow service wasn't smooth. Found a seller on a forum, set up the deal through escrow, and paid up. But then the seller just vanished. I asked the escrow to put the deal on hold while I looked for someone else. Took me two weeks to find another guy, but guess what? He disappeared too. Ended up not finding the specialist I needed and had to get my money back from escrow, which thankfully took less than 24 hours. Lots of scammers out there, so I'd definitely recommend using an escrow service to avoid losing your cash?

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   362 of 396 members found this review helpful 362 / 396 members

Howdy, thanks to the guarantor I saved money. 

Kidala seller agreed to work through the guarantor in the expectation that I will transfer him money in advance.

In the end, after creating a deal in the guarantor, the seller disappeared from communication.

Thank you darknet for convenient service! I will recommend you

Guarantor's response:


Be vigilant - the scammers are not dormant. Work through a guarantor

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   69 of 76 members found this review helpful 69 / 76 members

Sold through a guarantor. It so happened that the transaction was delayed for a couple of weeks. 
The guarantor kindly waited and in the end the transaction went through in the best possible way, for which he thanked me very much. 
I recommend as a responsible guarantor.

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   179 of 198 members found this review helpful 179 / 198 members

Conducted a deal through an escrow for a substantial amount. Everything was precise from both the escrow and seller. Really pleased with the low transaction fee

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   155 of 172 members found this review helpful 155 / 172 members

Carried out a transaction with the guarantor all at the highest level:)))))))  All transactions I conduct through the guarantor confidence and security of this forum))))

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   340 of 378 members found this review helpful 340 / 378 members

Decided to buy a scheme from this site, my first-ever online purchase. 

Took a leap of faith, especially since it wasn't cheap, and transferred the money to the escrow. It all went superbly! 

The moderators and admin are really competent, made everything smooth and respectful. 
Totally satisfied with the forum's service, a big thumbs up, and I highly recommend it to anyone in doubt!

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   143 of 163 members found this review helpful 143 / 163 members

The site is trustworthy, definitely worth working with! 
I used an escrow for a 110k$ transaction, and it all went smoothly! Split the commission with the executor, and the extra cost was just 1.5k. Agree, 1.5k is a small price for securing 110k! I'm sure with such conditions, the platform will grow fast. Wishing it prosperity. Highly recommend to everyone.

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Irina Sobol

   50 of 57 members found this review helpful 50 / 57 members

Hey Darke! It's been a while since I've been on the forum, and now this!)  ?

Elektro GARANT is already a level, but still only a bid for the championship) to the leaders is still far away.

Very glad that my favorite forum so dynamically develops ?

Darknet admin saw your blog, hats off to you ?

Guarantor's response:


Thank you for your kind words for me! It's good to see you too

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   100 of 116 members found this review helpful 100 / 116 members

Pretty cool working with decent folks. This guarantor? Only good vibes from them

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   135 of 158 members found this review helpful 135 / 158 members

Ran another deal through the service - all smooth sailing

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The user regularly conducts transactions through the service guarantor and has positive trading statistics on the site. Most likely he can be trusted and work directly. With the rules of work through the guarantor you can familiarize yourself here. CLICK
The user has not conducted a single transaction through the guarantor. You can read about the rules of working through a guarantor here. CLICK
The user has made a security deposit on the forum. He is a verified seller and guaranteed to conduct all transactions through the guarantee service. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
The user has no security deposit on the forum, when working with him do not send prepayments and always involve the guarantor in transactions. You can read more about the deposit system here. CLICK
The user's status is "UNVERIFIED" indicating that he has not verified his account on the Darknet. You can pass verification by providing positive reviews and recommendations about yourself. You can read more about how to check patency. CLICK.
The user status "VERIFIED" indicates that the seller has been verified by the Forum Administration. You can read more about how to pass the verification here. CLICK.

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