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5 Games to Watch in January 2024




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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! As we start the year 2024, I hope you all had a great time celebrating. Now, let's dive into the exciting world of gaming. In this blog, I'll be highlighting five games that you should keep an eye on this January.

These games have big plans in store, and they are definitely worth your attention. From PvP breeding card games to adventure MMO RPGs, there is something for everyone. So, let's explore these games and discover why they are significant.

I promise you an exciting and informative blog, filled with details about these games and their upcoming updates. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, there's something here for you.

So, make sure to stay updated with your favorite games and don't miss out on the latest news and events. Now, let's jump right into the list and see why these games are worth watching in January 2024.

Game 1: AI Infinity

AI Infinity is a PVP breeding card game built on the GR platform. It offers a unique gaming experience where players can collect, breed, battle, and trade adorable creatures called axes.

Axes are digital pets that live on the blockchain and have their own unique genes, abilities, and appearances. They can be owned just like physical trading cards or figurines.

The game features various gameplay modes that will keep players entertained and engaged. Players can equip their axes with runes and charms to enhance their powers and unlock new strategies.

AI Infinity offers different modes, including battling monsters called chimeras and testing skills against other players in the arena. Players can climb the leaderboards and become legendary.

Breeding is also a key aspect of the game, allowing players to create new axes with different traits and combinations. Axes can be traded or sold on the marketplace.

The recent axi origin season 7 update introduced evolving parts for axes, bringing a transformative innovation to the game. Axes are now dynamic NFTs that can evolve and improve through the care and skill of their caretakers.

Joining the axi Creator program provides benefits such as growing a following and gaining exclusive perks. AI Infinity is also a platform for other games and experiences built by the community.

With endless possibilities, AI Infinity continues to grow in popularity. It offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines breeding, trading, battling, and more.

Game 2: Cradle Origin of Species

Introducing Cradle Origin of Species as an open world Adventure MMO RPG

Cradle Origin of Species is an open world Adventure MMO RPG built on the Ethereum platform. It offers players a vast and immersive gaming experience set in prehistoric times. In this game, players can explore a dynamic and ever-evolving world where they can hunt extinct animals, build shelters, craft weapons and tools, and even influence the history and culture of the metaverse.

Overview of the time-lapsing metaverse concept

Cradle Origin of Species introduces a unique concept of a time-lapsing metaverse. The game world changes and evolves over time, just like in real life. This adds a new level of realism and depth to the gameplay, allowing players to witness the effects of time on the environment and the economy. It creates a truly immersive experience where every action has consequences.

Unique features like the time and entropy system

One of the standout features of Cradle Origin of Species is its time and entropy system. Time is the main resource in the game, and it affects everything from the environment to the economy. Players can use time to their advantage, speeding up or slowing down certain processes such as crafting or aging. On the other hand, entropy is the measure of disorder and decay in the metaverse. It adds a sense of realism and unpredictability to the game, creating opportunities for new discoveries and innovations.

Earning tokens and participating in the game's economy

In Cradle Origin of Species, players can earn tokens by completing quests, hunting animals, trading with other players, or staking their NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These tokens can be used to buy more NFTs, upgrade existing ones, or participate in the governance of the metaverse. The game's economy is player-driven, giving players the opportunity to shape its development and growth.

Importance of the Power and Lock ticket system

The developers of Cradle Origin of Species recently introduced a new Power and Lock ticket system. Players can now convert their collected crystal mines into tickets, which can be used to claim CRDS tokens. These tokens are crucial for unlocking new features and experiences in the game. Additionally, players can earn Cradle Power, a measure of their in-game activities, which can be used to speed up the unlocking of tickets. This system adds an element of progression and rewards players for their dedication and skill.

Game 3: Arcade

Arcade is a casual arcade minigame platform that offers a variety of high-engagement skill-based games. Whether you're a fan of classic arcade games or prefer sports or card games, Arcade has something for everyone.

With a wide range of games available, you can choose from arcade classics like Global Run and 2048, sports games like Hoop Shot and Manchester City Striker, or card games like Pirate Solitaire and Samurai Hold'em. The full list of games can be found on their website or app.

One of the best features of Arcade is the ability to engage in one-on-one matches or group tournaments. You can challenge others and compete for high scores, rising up the ranks to become the ultimate gaming champion.

In addition to the fun and competitive gameplay, Arcade uses game tokens called GME. These tokens have utility within the platform, allowing you to pay for entry fees in game tournaments and make purchases. GME tokens also have governance functions, giving you the power to vote on game roadmaps, deployments, and the distribution of prizes and reward pools.

Arcade also offers exclusive rewards and events, like the battle pass, to make your gaming journey even more rewarding. You can participate in lucky events to win additional awards and join for free just by collecting luck while playing.

Why should you keep an eye on Arcade this January? Arcade is currently hosting a groundbreaking gaming tournament in collaboration with Central Games, with a prize pool of over $50,000 in USDT or IC tokens. This tournament started on December 28th and runs until January 4th, giving you a chance to compete and win big.

Arcade continues to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience, with constant updates and new games being added to their platform. It's a great way to challenge yourself, compete with others, and earn rewards while enjoying your favorite casual arcade games.

Game 4: Oor

Introducing Oor as an adventure MMO RPG

Oor is an adventure MMO RPG powered by the blockchain. In Oor, players become guardians in a fantasy universe, where they can explore vast lands, encounter dangerous beasts, fight in epic PVP battles, and gain loot from their adventures.

Exploring the fantasy Universe and player-driven economy

Oor offers players a vast and immersive open world to explore. They can embark on epic quests to defeat monsters, participate in large-scale PVP battles, and thrive in a player-driven economy. With so much freedom and choice, players can truly shape their own destinies in this expansive game universe.

Fighting monsters, acquiring loot, and trading NFTs

As players adventure throughout the world of Oor, they will encounter a wide variety of beasts, monsters, and bosses. By slaying these enemies, players can acquire valuable resources and loot. What makes Oor unique is that almost all the loot and items in the game are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be freely traded with other players on the marketplace. This empowers the game's economy and allows players to truly own and control their in-game assets.

Overview of the upcoming Dread Arena remastered update

In the coming months, Oor will be releasing the highly anticipated Dread Arena remastered update. This update will bring new and improved features to the arena, providing players with an even more thrilling and competitive PVP experience. The remastered update aims to enhance gameplay mechanics, improve visuals, and introduce exciting new challenges for players to conquer.

Anticipation for the PVP Arena game mode

Alongside the Dread Arena remastered update, Oor is also planning to introduce a new game mode: PVP Arena. This game mode will allow players to test their skills against other guardians in intense PVP battles. Players can showcase their strategies, compete for rankings, and earn rewards based on their performance. The introduction of the PVP Arena game mode is highly anticipated and is expected to bring a new level of excitement and competition to Oor.

Game 5: Meta Fighter

Meta Fighter is an arcade PVP fighting game that is set to revive the classic arcade fighting games with blockchain technology. This game offers a unique and immersive experience for fans of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter, and Soulcaliber.

In Meta Fighter, players can choose from a variety of different fighters, each with their own backstory, stats, skills, and superpowers. The game also allows players to customize their fighters with various skins and accessories, which are minted as NFTs.

Meta Fighter features three game modes to keep players engaged. In story mode, players can follow the main plot of the game and unlock new fighters and items. In arcade mode, players can fight against random opponents and earn rewards based on their performance. And in online mode, players can challenge other players from around the world, compete for rankings, and win prizes.

One of the unique aspects of Meta Fighter is its own token called MF. This token is used for various purposes within the game, such as buying fighters, skins, arenas, and other items from the marketplace. Players can also stake MF in the game to earn passive income. Additionally, players can earn MF by playing the game and winning matches.

Why should you keep an eye on Meta Fighter this January? In the Meta Fighter Team's plans for 2024, they have announced the creation of more player events and tournaments with big prize pools. They are also revamping the game's rewarding system to offer more incentives to players. Furthermore, Meta Fighter will introduce a referral system that rewards token buyers. These upcoming updates and features show the team's commitment to improving the game and providing an exciting gaming experience for its players.


Recap of the five games to watch in January 2024

As we start the year 2024, it's important to stay updated with the latest games and events in the gaming world. In this blog, we highlighted five games that you should keep an eye on this January.

AI Infinity, Cradle Origin of Species, Arcade, Oor, and Meta Fighter all offer unique and exciting gaming experiences that are worth exploring. From breeding card games to adventure MMO RPGs, there is something for every type of gamer.

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