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Why do people get punished for inviting others on Telegram?

Alright folks, today we're diving into why Telegram might give you a slap on the wrist, and what happens to your chat as a result. Let's talk about why some chats seem invite-free but inviting anyone might get you restricted and so forth. Here's a rundown of why chats get restricted (we're not talking about reports, inappropriate content, etc., just invites and related issues from the messenger): Scenario What happens on Telegram's end Solutions

Best and Worst Ways to Invite People to a Telegram Channel

So, this little article is sparked by a ton of questions about how invites work in channels. Today, we're diving into all the possible answers to that question. How do you invite more than 200 initial users to a channel? YOU CAN'T, LIKE, AT ALL!!! Well, that's pretty much the gist of it... Okay, technically you can't do it now, but there used to be this thing where you could ban and unban users to boost numbers. That bug's long gone, though. BUT! What if you find yourself in
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